Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comic Con 09'

I used to always say that "nothing pushes a student forward like a retail job". The challenges of which build character and are a constant reminder of what they're working for. I was...half-right. I at least have to give conventions a shot at that title. At a convention, you are literally surrounded by those who have succeeded, repeatedly, at what you only dream of. Upon returning, my entire party of 4 felt inspired to pursue their hopes and dreams. I for one felt refreshed.

Comic-Con 09' was a bittersweet experience. A lot...A LOT of things went wrong (I totally should've hit on that slave leia...). Thankfully, far more things went right. A special thanks to all who made that possible (you know who you are and you're all awesome!). I had 3 great portfolio reviews, where I made new friends and got valuable feedback. I'll want to kick a lot of butt this coming semester to reward my reviewers' good faith.

I met a lot of "famous" artists (famous to me...), one of whom being MR. KEVIN EASTMAN (look up the Ninja Turtles)!! He was a nicer and classier guy than I could ever hope to be. I'm just glad my parents didn't get a chance to curse him out for all the merch they had to buy me. At the DC Animation panel, I asked a production-related question that seemed to put the fun Q & A to a screeching halt (you're welcome). In my defense, I had to ask a question none of the 8 dudes in front of me wouldn't think of.

The guys at ShadowMachine kicked off a national "Robot Chicken Roller Derby" tour in San Diego. The music was loud as high crap, making simple conversation difficult, but that's another rant for another time. Guys like Seth Green, Mike Fasolo, and Matt Senreich were freely skating around (along with their freely gigantic security guards). Also on the floor was Clone Wars Superviser, Dave Filoni. They were all cool, but frankly, if you weren't a hot chick, you might've had challenges getting their attention. Fair enough.

It was definitely an inspirational experience. I'd say that everyone should make the trip down there, if there weren't over 150 thousand B.O.-wofting fans down there, already. Once again, I came back with a decent-sized stack of S.W.A.G. So to all my friends, have at it.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How "done" does this look?

Not that I don't love where it's going, but without a deadline, you never know when to leave it alone lol. It's for a long overdue "commission" from a former music teacher of mine.

"So what had happened was..." This file became FAR too big for my computer, so I had to go back and forth between my tech situation and a friend's in Oakland. So I didn't actually spend a month doing one piece.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Crayola Fun: GOLDAR!!

Well! That was easier to tackle than I imagined... I gotta buy me some more of these pencils!

Fun with Crayola Pencils

'Found my old stash of colored pencils and was surprised at how well they worked as drawing tools. That's why Crayola makes the big bucks, I guess.