Monday, September 6, 2010


Wow. Remind me never to say "coming soon" again... So the school year is just about ready to take off. 10 classes of horror to chip through, starting with an acting class. I figure after all the other times I've been dragged out of my comfort zone, what the heck is "Gestures and Emotions" possibly gonna do???

So, to quickly summarize how Comic-Con 2010' went, THIS is how it went.
Yyyyep. That's TOTALLY the original black ranger sharing my photo. Walter "Zack" Jones. Heck, since this happened on the last day, I pretty much forgot any good bullet points from earlier. Well in addition, I'll definitely have to make different portfolios for every studio I apply to. TV studios like realistic life drawings, while feature houses seem to like the more creatively driven stuff.

Until next time!