Sunday, September 21, 2008

The End of Toonami

"All things must pass! Not even the Dragonballs last forever!"

Middle school. I watched a lot of cartoons back then (I watch a lot of cartoons NOW, so you can only imagine...). During which, I was introduced to a deep-voiced technician named Moltar. He'd crack a joke, pull a lever and in an instant, I was watching Thundercats. Life was simpler then.

Moltar was replaced by a small blue robot simply named "Tom". Over the years Tom had many new faces and designs. But he (and Moltar) was presenting American children with groundbreaking animated programming WAY before it was popular. I guess Cartoon Network felt it was time to shut him down. I think we can all agree Toonami's best years were well behind it, but we'll miss it all the same. This final message was made by (and copyright) Cartoon Network...11

L8er Tom!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reading Scripts

I remember hearing several interviews of Brad Bird answering questions regarding being a better film maker. The half-cliche, time-tested query: "What advice do you have for an aspiring ________? *adolescent voice cracks*" ANYWAY one of his common answers was to read movie scripts. Sounds like a logical move...

But how do you go about GETTING these scripts!? I'm not sure how you get them in the conventional sense, but I'm reminded of a forgotten site that I visited back in high school. It's called Somehow, the webmaster gathers scripts to just about every movie in Hollywood. I remember reading "The Matrix" with one of my best friends (I gave a legendary performance as Morpheus). Turns out it's still there after all these years. Enjoy.


OH FIIINE here's another Ranger doodle. Jason and his "jump front kick pop-up"

Friday, September 5, 2008

Before, and after Ben Caldwell...

I finished reading this book called "Action! Cartooning" after I bought my own copy. Before then, I was reading it out of the school library and mooching off the website. After reading it (this isn't a plug, btw...actually it kind of is...) I have to say a few things. First of all it did a fantastic job of explaining the "line of action" concept, where you always start your figure with the "spine" curve.

Second I learned some valuable construction tips that I'm still getting used to. My power ranger drawings improved so much I thought I'd to an "extreme makeover", before/after-type post. Each drawing now takes around 20 minutes and feature far more than just the straight "contra posto" (spelling?) pose.

SO...heeeeere're the scribbles I did in fall 07', that gave me this stupid idea...

aaaaaand HERE's a few quick drawings I spat out within 3 days ago.
Thanks, Ben! And to think, this is nothing compared to when I reeeeally get comfortable with these techniques... Dudes and dudettes (because this blog is so popular...), I know this book's been out a while, along with the "Fantasy!" sequel, but run, don't walk, to your local bookstore and pick this baby up!