Friday, September 5, 2008

Before, and after Ben Caldwell...

I finished reading this book called "Action! Cartooning" after I bought my own copy. Before then, I was reading it out of the school library and mooching off the website. After reading it (this isn't a plug, btw...actually it kind of is...) I have to say a few things. First of all it did a fantastic job of explaining the "line of action" concept, where you always start your figure with the "spine" curve.

Second I learned some valuable construction tips that I'm still getting used to. My power ranger drawings improved so much I thought I'd to an "extreme makeover", before/after-type post. Each drawing now takes around 20 minutes and feature far more than just the straight "contra posto" (spelling?) pose.

SO...heeeeere're the scribbles I did in fall 07', that gave me this stupid idea...

aaaaaand HERE's a few quick drawings I spat out within 3 days ago.
Thanks, Ben! And to think, this is nothing compared to when I reeeeally get comfortable with these techniques... Dudes and dudettes (because this blog is so popular...), I know this book's been out a while, along with the "Fantasy!" sequel, but run, don't walk, to your local bookstore and pick this baby up!

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