Tuesday, November 2, 2010

George Chung: The original "Machine-Gun Kicker"

Y'all could probably give a hoot about this, but it's MY blog, sooooooo...

In 2002, I learned of the sport circuit that indirectly influenced me to take martial arts. "NASKA": North American Sport Karate Association. I watched the competitors throughout my childhood and didn't even know it. They were wearing giant turtle suits, flipping around in Sub-Zero & Scorpion costumes and, of course, informing kids when it was "Morphin' Time". Their punches were sharp. Their kicks were flawless. And they trained the world champions of today.

This is Master George Chung. One of the guys who trained THEM! Watch for those "machine-gun sidekicks" and ASTONISHING wheel kicks! You may also notice some 1980's cheese sprinkled in there haha.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Emo Kid and My "CFD-2" Midterm

So I'm stuck uploading crap from school because I intelligently disabled ALL my PC's USB drivers. ANYWAYS, here's some updates, some involving a brush pen.

Inspired by my Birthday weekend with my high school's Reunion Concert Band...