Saturday, June 27, 2009

Long live the King...

I feel I have to put some sort of tribute to this man on my blog. I wanted to do a drawing, but lest I risk putting the post off for too long, I'll do something a bit more practical. "Will you be there?" is one of my favorite songs by Michael Jackson. The lyrics and music were simple, yet searingly powerful. Also, they pretty much burned the end credits of "Free Willy" into my memory ;).

To quote another fan, "Goodbye Michael. Maybe you'll finally get some respect in death."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just one big pressure point...

There are actually TWO ways to make someone simultaneously explode. 1: spend your entire life studying the deadly art of Hokuto Shin-Ken. 2: Just have Trini press on the giant "Z" *rimshot*.

Yyyyyep. 'Harder than it looks to get those interesting angles. Might as well start now. Trini's right fist is far too big for the effect. And the left leg is a little muscular. Those'll change in the tracing process.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Power Roughs!

That's right...I totally whipped out a Shark Cycle.

More "Mighty Morphin' Power Roughs" to be cleaned up and photoshopped when I get a chance. I'll have to somehow make up for Billy's lukewarm pose in a later drawing. It was seriously pissing me off. BTW, see any perspective errors? --GOOD! Neither do I.

NOTE: Putties are surprisingly fun to draw...