Friday, October 3, 2008

B-day Extra!

BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! Thanks to a brief photoshop/ wacom tablet workshop, I'm starting to understand this god-forsaken program! And it's not nearly as "god-forsaken" to me as it was a week ago. Of course you know what this excuse to recycle old drawings in color!

It is, in fact, my birthday. I never know how deep I should rub that in...I either end up telling no one, or annoying everyone I know with a sociopathic level of narcissism. Anyway, these colors don't "pop"as effortlessly as I'd hoped, but it's a start! Maybe I should be more liberal with the color saturation in the brighter areas. I'm really amazed at how much it looks like real paint on real paper. The original model for the drawing was Alex Borstien (MAD TV/ Family Guy), FYI. 1 workshop session down, 12+ more to go...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Clothed Figure Drawing HW

The assignment was to design 4 characters (een za nooode...). I was to choose 1 favorite and slap some clothes on it (the process involves a lot of tracing paper). The teacher spoke at great length on beautiful women, so I thought I'd challenge myself (and give a nod to Katie Rice) by endowing appealing shapes to this plus-sized fashion designer. The third one down was really popular, in fact I'm pretty sure I got docked for not following through in it. I got a "B", which I rarely ever see in figure drawing classes lol. After all the tracing I think she wound up a tad bit cross-eyed, but it's hardly noticeable. Still, gotta be more careful on that eye alignment...