Friday, November 16, 2012

My Influence Map: Blogger Edition!

I thought I'd begin steps to design my own "Influence Map". For those like me, who are getting this advice late, an influence map is a big poster/ collage filed with your most influential artists.

People who do what I wanna' do, FAR better than I currently do it.

The hope is to help the map-maker focus their own personal art to reflect the map. This exercise can be REEEAAALLY hard if you're a blog-surfer like myself.

See as big as this list is, I'm SURE I'm forgetting someone...

(click the names)


 - Ben Caldwell

 - Bruce Timm

 - David Vandervoort

 - Glen Keane

 - Humberto Ramos

 - Jeff Matsuda

 - Jeremy Polgar

 - Jin Kim (Action and Comedy)

 - Jose Lopez

 - Robert Valley (Valley's Tron stuff)

 - Robin Mitchell


 - Akira Toriyama

 - Ben Balistreri

 - Bill Watterson

Chuck Jones

- Craig Kellman

 - Don Bluth

 - Eric Scales

 - Florian Satzinger

 - Jessica Borutski

 - Jim Davis

 - Joe Murray

 - Kris Pearn

 - Mark Christiansen

 - Mel Milton

 - Shawn Dickinson

 - Tex Avery

So many heroes, so little time...
Bruce Timm's JLU, WB Animation

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