Sunday, June 14, 2009

Power Roughs!

That's right...I totally whipped out a Shark Cycle.

More "Mighty Morphin' Power Roughs" to be cleaned up and photoshopped when I get a chance. I'll have to somehow make up for Billy's lukewarm pose in a later drawing. It was seriously pissing me off. BTW, see any perspective errors? --GOOD! Neither do I.

NOTE: Putties are surprisingly fun to draw...


JMY said...

Nice, perspective usage, might wanna take a look at that bike tho it looks a bit long unless thats how it supposed to be.

Brian S. said...

ya there's clearly some issues. I might shorten the arc of the front to make sure the angle is consistent. 'shark cycles' did look long on google images, but i don't want a 2-wheeled bus.