Sunday, September 21, 2008

The End of Toonami

"All things must pass! Not even the Dragonballs last forever!"

Middle school. I watched a lot of cartoons back then (I watch a lot of cartoons NOW, so you can only imagine...). During which, I was introduced to a deep-voiced technician named Moltar. He'd crack a joke, pull a lever and in an instant, I was watching Thundercats. Life was simpler then.

Moltar was replaced by a small blue robot simply named "Tom". Over the years Tom had many new faces and designs. But he (and Moltar) was presenting American children with groundbreaking animated programming WAY before it was popular. I guess Cartoon Network felt it was time to shut him down. I think we can all agree Toonami's best years were well behind it, but we'll miss it all the same. This final message was made by (and copyright) Cartoon Network...11

L8er Tom!


Fred Spósito Estúdio said...

Great work!

Brian Sydnor said...

THANKS!! Though I hope you mean the work I did on the rest of the blog. This vid was done by Cartoon Network. If not, I still agree, it's a pretty cool "farewell" message.

JMY said...

that sucks... owell i've always liked the toonami when he was still a space dude looking guy

Donna Salonga said...

Hey, maybe we have! But I can't remember, we were in Brannan then they moved us to Powell??

Dude Jeremy is awesome =D I really want to go to his Monday wksps but I've been busy. Do you go??

Donna Salonga said...

Well hey since you do go to Jeremy's workshop, I shall see you next Monday!

I am sorry I don't remember! We all didn't talk much in the class =( which was sad. Also you don't have a picture on your blog - so I'm sorry there is no way for me to recognize you!

Hopefully see you at the workshop??