Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Break

Okay! 'Didn't know Spring Break was landing this week! I believe I have a ton of storyboard assignments to chew through, as well as a Blue Sky Studios story test to look into. I SERIOUSLY doubt anything will come of it, but I'll give it the ol' college try. An LA buddy of mine is driving up, who happens to be the only OTHER dude on the planet who also hasn't seen "Watchmen".

On top of that, I plan to finally burn through a few of these indie comix I bought from those story & illustration wizards at Wondercon. I might start with "The Tumor" since I actually see the author around at AAU haha.

As a fading shot, there's some new features in my "links" section. I've added a "Podcast" category, listing all the podcasts I listen to while working. Podcasts are addictive (once you've gotten used to the new voices), and are a fantastic BG noise to multitask to. I'm now at the point where I can barely get into a smooth workflow without a new podcast in the iPod :).


The_Geeks said...

ahhh snap! keep it up bro!

Brian S. said...

thanks! eventially I'll catch on lol.