Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Clothed Figure HW

Did them in a week (3+ days). All-nighters were involved. They were met with "mixed reactions" at school. Looking forward to the day when I can look back on this level of turnover and laugh.

Questions/ comments/ critiques welcome.

PS: Imagi Studios (TMNT, Astro Boy, Gatchaman) will be visiting AAU this Thursday (tomorrow), I think at 5pm. I have to work, so if anyone is going, PLEEEEEEASE tell me how it went. TMNT Director, Kevin Munroe really comes off as a passionate guy who seems to want to protect these kinds of properties and give them the treatment fans want. I'd like to work for a guy like that someday.


Joshua said...

nice! been watching prince of egypt?

Brian Sydnor said...

I definitely had to sample a few screenshots for reference. Y'know that movie was actually pretty accurate (costume-wise at least) to all the other photos I found!

Raf said...

DUde, your getting too good!