Thursday, February 12, 2009

Phillip Rhee: The Best of the Best

I don't usually post anything on my other passions, but recently I came across a video by one of my favorite martial artists, Phillip Rhee. His father, Jhoon Rhee, created American "musical forms". But well before that, he taught Bruce Lee the Taekwondo techniques that took his kicking far beyond that of his competitors (flying side-kick, anyone?).

Anyway, this vid is from 1991, at his school. He speaks a bit on his philosophy on the martial arts, and I was floored at how close it was to my own. I wish there were more teachers out there like Phillip Rhee, maybe I could've started training earlier.

And for the non-martial artists out there, heartfelt talk about ANY arts tend to be worth a listen. Enjoy.

and here's his brother, Simon Rhee, performing one of the earliest open/creative forms.

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