Thursday, April 23, 2009

The best tricksters are from Cali

I just found a recent update from director/cinematographer Neil Tan. Apparently he filmed another of the trickster team, "Loopkicks'" famous tantrums. BOY, did that team grow! We occasionally met through AAU's ill-fated Martial Arts Club (good times...). Since then, these guys have been involved with at least a dozen major media outlets.

I'll never forget that AAU Fashion Show a while back, when I got to chill with the core members between performances. Watching them fool around was like watching a handful of super-powered kids! I soooooo owe Isiah for that one. For the midair poses. For the reference material. For the utter disregard for basic physics. Enjoy.

Loopkicks Night Show Rough Cut from Neil Tan on Vimeo.

Two words...sausage...fest/factory/emporium.

Loopkicks Main Battle from Neil Tan on Vimeo.


King M. Mugabi said...

this is pretty awesome

can't be good for the ol cruciate
ligaments tho...

Brian S. said...

Yeah, "Burn it white hot and die young" seems to be their motto.

They're also practicing in a gymnasium with very cushiony flooring, so that may help.