Monday, May 25, 2009

Updates & Old Friends

Okay so I found out that Photoshop Elements does NOT have a pen tool. That sucks. But either way, Elements is a great program. I even revamped some designs from my freshman year of art school to experiment on... I guess we'll see if I can pull it off in Anime Studio.

And that's another thing! Anime Studio's controls seem to be a world and three moons apart from Flash. This is strange, considering the animation it produces is essentially Flash anyway. It'll take way longer than expected to find and "decode" all those Flash-esque controls so it can work for me.

As for the drawings, those familiar with "Roundhead and Pointy" may notice I messed with the floating eyebrows and chest letters. The thick outlines were for the vectorization attempt. If you look at them from afar, it doesn't look as much like a horrible idea...

1 comment:

JMY said...

I think u should pick up Adobe Illustrator, I think it would compliment your drawing style if u use it right.