Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buy "Garfield: From The Trash Bin"!

I ran into this book while looking for another textbook, at Borders. If you see it there, flip through it! It's possibly the best Garfield book I've ever bought. Old-skool cartooning. If I were revamping the "Garfield & Friends" 2D cartoon for modern audiences (with Ray Romano as Garfield and Jon Cryer as Jon Arbuckle...I've thought about this...), I would first slide this over to the art director.

Jim Davis did 2 things here: He basically laid out most of the vis dev for my hypothetical design department, and reminded this reader who the master cartoonist was. This guy does more with a sharpie in a few seconds than I could render in an hour, pushed poses and all. Though his gags may have been too "much" for the newspapers, they would be perfect for TV animation. Tame, even. Click the image for the amazon site.

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Raf said...

wow dude... really have to start reading your blog again

Salvatore said...

dude i have now started reading your blog, i will check it everyday, because i have no life!