Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maya 1 Final

Let me tell you, if you knew the circumstances of these 15+ second clips, these babies would look a lot better. I was pretty desperate to get these done on time. I was surrounded by an upcoming Taekwondo tournament, an upcoming Yoshi's Jazz Club gig, and my current retail job (i know, i know). For a college student, same ol' same ol'...

They were completed a day before the due date, and took a good 6 months to figure out (with computers, I'm not the shiniest coin in the purse...). Pretty much all that time was spent in the modelling, texture-mapping, and rigging stages. 'Felt a lot better knowing 85% of my classmates were suffering the same wounds.

I'm actually pretty proud of the compositional choices I made with the lip sync. At the last second, I managed to make one of the 7 books I wasted time reading that semester work for me lol!*sigh* One of the main reasons I'm attempting an independent short film is an opportunity to use and demonstrate what I've learned at my own pace. Well, at least in this class I learned to animate fast. That's worth something.

Enjoy these two tests. As I watch them, I still can't believe they made it out of the storm.

Creature Test

"Norman" Dialogue Test

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