Monday, August 25, 2008

Intro to Anatomy Final

AIGHT, I think enough time has passed since the last post, soooo...

This is the final project I submitted for my "Intro to Anatomy" class. It was well recieved, but not without it's critiques (of course). I actually agreed with all the suggestions, but am too lazy to utilize them, or even mention them further. The drawing's safe, so I may tweak it eventually (artist's famous last words...).

For this assignment I had to produce ORIGINAL reference photos. Which ALMOST meant a buddy and I were going "Spartan", wardrobe-wise, and doing some combat poses. My buddy, not wanting to show off his "less-than-Spartan" physique, called me back with 2 great amateur models, willing to work for booze and pizza. MAN, that was one wild night of body oils and alcohol....The photo shoot was pretty crazy too! *rimshot*

I took pics at different stages so people can see the process. I'd go into detail, but now that I look at it, it's pretty self-explanatory what was going on lol. Though, I'm afraid I may have taken Mike Mattesi's "flowing through the drawing" concept a little too far. Ah well. It DID help a lot, anyway. There's a brighter version of #3 where I used the flash, but the light flattened out the image so I canned that idea.

On a side note, "Persepolis" came in from Netflix. Hopefully I'll be seeing that one soon.

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