Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Model Revisited...

There was this model, back in my anatomy class. Now, usually we artists have this thing where "we're all doctors" and "the model is just a breathing sculpture to draw from", but this one was reeeeeeeeeeally something. Such a "view" is rare for geeks like me lol...*sigh*. On the off-chance that you happen to get a particularly attractive model, you're under pressure not to 'eff the drawing up (it's worth noting that I can have a unique opinion on what "beauty" is)! It was pretty cool to see her stop by my bench to see my work, during a break. The 2nd drawing marked her last day working at the Academy (D'OH!).

This was, I think, the first 2 completed drawings I did since finishing the book, "FORCE: Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators" (HOORAY for blogs! And the freedom to post nude artwork on 'em!). I'm not so sure that I fully grasped all (or any...) of the concepts in the book, but I know my figure drawings got a darn-sight better since I finished it. I STILL don't see them as pro-level, but it's money well spent. I'll show some 2-5 minute ones, later.

Principles attempted: Thick-to-thin lines for hard/soft edges, basic shapes/forms, drawing through the figure, a half-assed attempt at "force" drawing, laws of curves, overlapping lines, etc.

Materials: (top) Recycled newsprint, HB charcoal pencil/ loose dark-black chalk for emphasis (hard surfaces). White chalk apparently can be used for highlights on tan/recycled papers. (bottom) White cotton paper, a lot harder to control. Same charcoal combination.

NOTE: I hate critiques. A lot. But I need 'em just like everyone else. Feel free lol.

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